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About Us

A little bit about us.

I’m 47 years old and I’ve been in the steel business all my life, I grew bored with structural steel and in 2005 decided to forge a business out of my love for art and iron. I’ve always had a passion for art, but as a young adult I was encouraged to follow a more practical avenue and join my father in the steel and construction business. After years of repetitive industrial work, and becoming skilled with metal, it made sense to try something new with a familiar element. Steel and other metals are an amazing medium to work with, they possess a feeling of permanence tempered with nearly endless malleability. My love of art, nurtured for years despite the rigid rules and forms of structural steel, became the breath of life needed to bring a cold and lifeless material alive. Art is more than just an aesthetic ideal, with steel you can really explore and refine the relationship between practicality and an eye-pleasing design. A railing can be made beautiful and a fence can be appealing, all the while maintaining its purpose and practicality. I have been fortunate that others in this community can appreciate the dualism of these ideas and are willing to pay me to do what I love. 


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